9 reasons why Schär should hire Dr. BonneBouffe as gluten-free traveller !

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When I heard about the Gluten Free Summer 2016 contest made by Schär, the leader of gluten-free products, I just couldn’t believed it !!! Travelling around Italy and tasting restaurants and other food places ; detecting the one that are gluten-free, the one that are not and being paid for it… Well, there is no doubt that even in my craziest dreams, i would never imagine that such wonderful summer job could exist ! Nevermind, life is short and instead of just dreaming, I decided to make the things happen. For this reason, I’m applying for this position believing that I AM the right person for it. You still don’t believe it ? Let me give you 9 reasons why Schär should hire me as gluten-free food traveller ! (Schär if you hear read me, read that carefully ! :-) )

9 reasons why Schär should hire me as its gluten-free traveller

 #1 First reason of all, food is my passion

I love food. I love Cuisine. And everything related to it. Food became such a passion that I’ve decided 3 years ago to share my passion troughout a French blog called DocteurBonneBouffe.com. You can follow me and my culinary experiences on Instagram :


#2 I’m a Food & Nutrition Blogger 

  I decided to become a blogger to prove that eating healthy is simple and does not imply giving up on pleasure. In 2015, my blog has been nominated in the Top 10 Sciences Blog at the Golden Blog Awards, a french contest which rewards every year the best french blogs in several categories.   As a food blogger, I believe the notoriety of my blog (160 000 uniques visitors per month) and my community will support me in this beautiful and amazing experience, and will have a deeper impact on the promotion of Schar’s values and mission to ease gluten-sensitive people’s life.  

#3 I believe gluten has an impact on our health (even on non-coeliac persons)

I do believe gluten quantities in our food should be taken seriously. Gluten is everywhere in our food, even in foods we don’t expect.

A lot of studies and books warn about the fact that gluten, in significative quantities, can have a negative impact on our health and well being – even on non-coeliac persons. Whereas there is plenty of different alternatives to gluten, I personally recommend even to non-coealiac persons to explore new possibilies and opt for different types of grains – in order to enjoy a much more diversified diet !

#4 I do want to contribute to restaurants accessibility to coeliac persons

  Life with a gluten intolerance is hard : despite the fact that I have the chance to not be gluten-sensitive, as a blogger, I met a lot of people who does and who felt segregated and lonely in their life because of that.   For this reason and because I do believe gluten can have a negative impact even for non-intolerant persons , I created a special section on my blog about gluten. I wish I can go further by contributing to a better world – a world where intolerants could eat normally, without being preoccupied of what and where they will eat.  

⭐Avocado Toast sans gluten⭐ Bonjour les cocos ! Après mon article sur les bienfaits des avocado toasts, j’y ai moi-même succombé ce matin ! Au menu : ▶Pain Maestro sans gluten et sans lactose de chez Schär🍞, avocat🍈, graines de chanvre🌱◀ ➡➡ Et vous, vous mangez quoi de bon pour commencer cette nouvelle semaine du bon pied ? Des bisous ☺ #tartine #avocat #avocadotoast #schar #sansgluten #sanslactose #bonappetit #drbbhealthychallenge #healthychallenge #healthychallengeuse #petitdejeunersain #petitdejeuner #petitdejeunerequilibre #bonnebouffe #healthylife #repriseenmain #muslis #reequilibragealimentaire #mangersain #tbcgirl #topbodychallengeuse #healthyinstagram #bodychallenge #fitfrenchies #fitfrenchy #regimeuse #instaregimeuse #instaregime Une photo publiée par Docteur BonneBouffe🍎🍏🍌🍦🍕🍟🍔 (@drbonnebouffe) le

#5 I have digital and editorial skills to share my journey throughout blogs and social media

Let me explain why – professionally – I have the competencies to run the GlutenfreeSummer2016. I’ve got marketing and digital marketing experience : let me reming you the contest is not only about travelling and taking pictures of what we’ll discover during these 30 days ! It’s ALSO about sharing the experience to the largest number of people possible !

With my powerful editorial background, we can imagine thousands of different ways to share my no-glu-trip on social medias ! i would be more than happy to share my daily discoveries on my blog, my Facebook Page and my Instagram account !

#6 I have notions of Italian (and I do speak 4 other languages)

  I speak 5 languages : French, Polish (because my parents come from Poland), English, I understand well Spanish and I have notions of Italian because I did my Erasmus exchange in Torino, where I had Italian intensive classes).   My Italian notions and my capacity to learn languages quickly will allow me to better integrate to the Italian way of life. Let’s presume I’ll have to visit restaurants where they don’ speak foreign languages, it will allow me to not have difficulties communicating with restaurant owners.   

⭐« On ne va jamais aussi loin que lorsqu’on ne sait pas où l’on va. » [Christophe Colomb]⭐Me voilà arrivée… à Amsterdam !😉 Quel bonheur de partir à l’improviste, d’arriver sur place et de ne pas savoir ce qu’on va faire, sur quelles découvertes [culinaires] on va tomber ! Se laisser flanner dans les petites rues, et tomber sur des petites adresses sympas et atypiques !❤ Je crois avoir déjà trouvé mon QG : SLA, une petite adresse sympa qui propose salades bio, smoothies, capuccino… Je me suis laissée tenter par un ♥Moccha café au lait d’amande☕, accompagné d’un (petit) gâteau au chocolat, noix de coco et… graines de chia🍰♥. Géniale l’idée des graines de chia🌱 dans la pâte du gâteau. C’est super léger, croustillant et vraiment bon ! ➡J’ai déjà hâte de revenir ici pour tester leurs recettes salées.. à moins que vous auriez des adresses à me conseiller ?! Des idées ? #slowfood #amsterdam #restaurants #sla #slaamsterdam #bonnebouffe #latte #bio #decouverte #culinaire #touriste #vintage Une photo publiée par Docteur BonneBouffe🍎🍏🍌🍦🍕🍟🍔 (@drbonnebouffe) le

#7 Italy has always been in my heart

5 years ago, I did my Erasmus student exchange in Italy. From the first day of my stay, I felt in love with this culture, the landscapes, the people… AND the amazing food !

Every few years, I come back to Italy to spend there my holidays : I know well the North of Italy. The Gluten free Summer 2016 is a personal opportunity for me to discover this amazing country.

#8 Let discover Schär to French people ! 

By choosing a French blogger for the Gluten Free Summer 2016, Schär will have the possibility to get closer to French intolerants… (Schär, if you read me, think about that ! ;-))

#9 It’s the best time of my life to make it

As a Freelance Blogger, I’m not attached to any work and I do not have familiy responsabilities so I’m completely available and free to accept the challenge – which is also an important criteria, isn’t it !?


Are you finally convinced that I’m the right person to do it ?

Then VOTE HERE to support my application !

My gluten free summer contest by Schar

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